Gratitude Campaign - January 21-31

In an effort to uplift our community, our school will once again run a two-week Gratitude Campaign through the Look for the Good Project organization. This inspiring program will begin on Tuesday, January 21 and conclude on Friday, January 31.  All students and staff will participate and you are welcome to join in too! 

Starting on January 21, orange “Gratitude Spots” will be placed throughout the school to remind students and staff to think about what they are thankful for. If you step on one, think about what you are thankful for and share it with your child. Each morning, students will be writing their gratitude on sticky notes to create a beautiful “Gratitude Wall” of notes which will be displayed in the hallway near the front office. If you would like to add your own gratitude to the wall, there will be extra sticky notes near the Gratitude Wall.

In addition, you may find your child carrying an orange “Kindness Card” which says “You Matter” on it. Encourage them to tell you why they received the card and who they might give it to next. The more cards we circulate, the more we will remind students and staff to share their appreciation and kindness with each other! 

Parents, to guide your participation and extend the conversation at home, here are some ideas:

-Agree to create a Wall of Gratitude at home

-Designate a Gratitude Spot in your home

-Share “Conversation Starters” at a meal together (Conversation Starters - The Family Dinner Project)

-Keep the dialogue alive with cards/journals throughout the year:  Here are a few suggestions:

Gratitude Journal and Activity...

The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards:...

Wisdom Cards


To learn more about the science behind the program, please go online to If you have any specific questions about how we are running the program in our school, please contact Mr. Estrada (