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Bell Schedule and Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

2021-2022 Arrival and Dismissal Routines/Bell Schedule

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Student/Staff Screening:

  • Screenings for students/staff are now passive.  Families are expected to review the screening questions daily and report a “Yes,” to any of the screening questions to our front office. We have a very specific pathway we have to follow regarding students experiencing the symptoms listed on the passive screener. Please do not send your child to school if they have one of the symptoms listed on the screener. If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, you need to notify us immediately so we can walk your family through the next steps. We will continue to notify the school community of positive cases. When there is a positive case, families of students who have been in contact with the student or staff member will be notified directly. 
*Student Arrival begins at 8:10 am.  Students may not be dropped off prior to 8:10 am unless they are getting breakfast. Students who get breakfast from the cafeteria can arrive at 8 am and after eating they report to their classrooms.* 


  • All students will enter campus from the double doors or the Felton Gate. A staff member will be present at each location. 
  • Students who get breakfast from the cafeteria can arrive at 8 am. All other students will be allowed to enter campus at 8:10 am. 
  • When students enter they need to report directly to their classrooms (unless getting breakfast from the cafeteria). 
  • To keep the flow of traffic moving in the parking lot we ask that guardians pull all the way forward in front of the school (where the outlet is in front of kindergarten) when they drop off their child. Do not stop in front of the flagpole to drop off your child as this will back up traffic. We will not have morning valet so students are allowed to exit their vehicles on their own and walk to the double doors to enter campus. Vehicles can never be parked and left unattended in the drop off line. You can only park and leave your vehicle when parked in an actual parking spot. 
  • We encourage families to walk to campus if they can to reduce the amount of traffic coming in and out of the parking lot. Students are also allowed to walk to campus independently if appropriate for their age. Bikes and scooters are allowed this school year and must be left in the designated areas/bike racks. Only students are allowed to enter campus at both entrances. We will have plenty of support staff on campus to help direct students to their classrooms. If your child is in first grade, consider putting a label or post it on them with their teacher/room number. We will have staff escorting students to their rooms but this can help in the process. 
  • Doors will close at 8:20 am and students arriving after this time will need to enter campus through the office. This is considered tardy so please be sure your child arrives on time. 
  • Kindergarten has its own arrival and dismissal procedures that will be communicated directly with those families. 



  • Students will be escorted by their teacher to the front of the school to the designated pick up area by grade level. (Click here for a map.) There will also be signs showing you where the grade levels are located. We will be sending home Valet cards, printed on different color paper to represent the child’s grade level. The card will have the student’s first name and last initial, and the teacher name. Families will be asked to display the card on their console when they drive up so they can be directed where to go and pick up their child. Families may request an additional valet card if more than one adult is responsible for picking up. If a child is in 1st or 2nd grade and has an older sibling the older sibling can meet the younger child to be picked up in that area. You cannot park and leave your car in the dismissal line since this backs up traffic. Please only park in designated parking spots. 
  • The Felton Gate will also be open and students can leave campus through there, but it will close at 2:50 pm (Wednesdays at 1:45 pm). Dismissal is at 2:40 pm every day except Wednesday, which is 1:35 pm. Please pick up your child on time and within 10 minutes of dismissal. We do not have staff to supervise children after school and we will call guardians to pick them up immediately if not picked up on time. 
  • Dogs are not allowed on campus at any time. 



  • The following programs will be allowed on campus: LiveWell Nutrition, LiveWell Garden, and Hands on Art (HOA)
  • All other volunteer programs are on hold until further notice. 
  • PTA board members are allowed on campus for PTA related business. 
  • No classroom volunteers for at least the first month; this will be revisited once we settle into the school year.
  • Running Club will also be on hold for now.