Literacy at Washington

At Washington Elementary we work to ensure that all students become proficient readers and writers.  Students who are in need of intervention in reading or writing will be provided additional opportunities to work with either their classroom teacher or a member of our intervention staff in small groups.
Throughout the school year, our teachers use assessment data to monitor progress and drive instructional goals.  We recognize that literacy aquisition is personal; all students grow and change on their own timeline.  We are prepared to provide intervention for students who may need extra support in the process of learning to read, write and develop mathematical competencies.
Should your child be a student who qualifies for additional support, we will contact you directly.  Please visit our Intervention page often for updates about Title 1 parent events, presentations and resources.
Below parents can access Reading Behaviors by Level Guides.  These guides contain helpful information on expected behaviors of a reader at different levels as well as suggested language that parents can use to support their child at home.  We also encourage parents to visit: for more information about finding appropriate books to match to the interest, level and grade of their children! 
Helpful Websites for Parents and Caregivers:
Visit these websites for tips on how to help your children develop a lifelong love for reading and writing!
Brightly is a great resource for parents.  Search by interest, age and topic.
Reading Rockets is a national project designed to share research based strategies, tips and information on helping young readers for teachers, parents and all involved stakeholders. is an organization with the mission of providing teachers, parents and afterschool providers with information on best practices in literacy instruction. Access this page for a wealth of free materials and ideas for helping your child!
Curious about fluency?  Click on the document below for some tips and information.
Check out our presentations from Literacy Events and Title 1 Parent Meetings!
Please access this document to see Reading Level Correlations.